Refrigerated Truck Rental Kuala Lumpur, Penang & Johor Bahru

Any moving company will perform amazingly when it comes to moving regular items like furniture, office supplies etc. By that we mean it’s quite easy to move items that are easy to move regardless of the weather conditions. All across the year, you don’t really have to take endless precautions when moving routine items for your next residential or commercial move. However, the term “endless precautions” can be rightly used when you’re about to move perishable items like medicines, fruits, vegetables etc.

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When moving perishable items, you just can’t go ahead with any other company but only the best – one that cares. And that is totally demonstrated by the type of vehicle they will use to move your precious items. So, when you need a mover that does the job just like you want, SDMover is at your service.

We are equipped to transport a wide range of items while keeping them in a temperature controlled environment.

Items we move for you

  • Fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meat and the like i.e. perishable food
  • Insulin, vaccines and other drugs categorized as pharmaceutical drugs
  • Makeup, perfumes, expensive cosmetics that need to be kept so nothing is spoiled under the umbrella of personal care products
  • Items such as cigars and the like
  • Antiques, fine arts and other collectables

How we move your goods?

When you enquire for booking the refrigerated truck rental service, we get all details if not provided initially.

Once we know the exact items you want moved, we agree on a schedule and start arranging the truck accordingly. We specifically ensure the volume of your items so we can arrange the number of trucks or round trips if needed.

We arrive at your place on the agreed date and time to pack your goods and then load them into the truck.

And the last step is to transport your good to your desired destination followed by helping you unload and unpack your items if you choose to add this support to the service.

Under all circumstances, we ensure to keep your items at the required temperature so none of your stuff is damaged or spoiled.

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