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When you’re renovating your home, office or any other property, there are chances that you’d need a lot of items to be disposed of. All to be gone in one go. You obviously wouldn’t want bulk quantities of unwanted items sitting in your backyard or office premises like forever. You want to get rid of them as soon as possible. And if you’re someone who lives on the motto “keep environment clean”, you want the items to be disposed of as safely as possible.

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Sometimes, when you want to get rid of large quantities of items, it isn’t possible to simply go and throw everything in the public bin. That’s why we are here to serve you. At SDMover, we have been disposing of items for both residential and commercial clients for 10 years. We ensure the job gets done at the earliest without any damage to the environment. And that also at a reasonable cost.

In addition, we bring highly trained and expert technicians who know the ins and outs of the items and what harmful impact they can have on the environment. That said, they are the right people who know how to dispose of your goods so they don’t harm the environment.

What do we dispose of?

From construction debris including glass, metal, plastic and the like to large electrical appliances such as broken refrigerators, dishwashers, TV sets, stoves going further to used furniture of any kind and down to old computer equipment. We properly let go all of your items.

Think of any item when it comes to residential and commercial projects, <company name> is your reliable partner. You can always choose to call us and ask questions regarding the items you want disposed of.

How do we do the job for you?

When you send us the online quote, we contact you for further details if needed. Going forward, we visit your premises to get a good idea of what needs to be disposed and also to create a customized plan for collecting all the items.

We then develop the plan, assign a team that is led by a project manager for your project. We agree on the timeline to arrive at your place for the collection. We collect all the items and dispose them of according to the environmental standards.

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