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Music makes our hearts joyful and we gladly keep playing it day in and day out. Sometimes even non-stop. Every instrument carries it’s own magic, but isn’t there something really special when it comes to the beautiful instrument piano?

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For several of us, piano is more than an instrument but an important part of our lives that we gladly pass on to our generations. And when it comes to moving your treasured instrument, it’s not just a matter of moving an item but you are actually moving a carrier of memories and a lot more that can’t be captured in words.

SDMover truly understands the significance your piano holds for your life and your next generation. We also know you wouldn’t tolerate a single scratch on it. That’s also our goal. And that’s exactly why we aim to move it with extreme care and responsibility. Just like the way you want. Our team of professional movers are specifically trained to move all types and sizes of pianos. Using the right equipment and techniques, the team ensures your prized possession remains safe and sound throughout the moving process.

What’s the process to move your piano?

Quite simple to be exact. Here’s the deal…

You contact us online or call us directly with your piano’s detail to book the piano mover service.

We visit your place to see your instrument first hand and to plan the move keeping in mind the path through which we will carry the piano.

On the agreed date and time, we visit your place, pack the piano with the most suitable packing so it has no risk of any damage, load it into the lorry and there we are to the final destination.

That’s how simple it is because your piano is in safe hands.

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