House Movers Malaysia

Professional House Removal / Shifting Kuala Lumpur, Penang & Johor Bahru

Home is one of those precious things of our life that is filled with beautiful memories. Each wall tells a story and every next room is filled with different shades of our lives.


So, when it comes to moving a house for any reason, whether it’s because of your job or you purchased a new place to finally move into, leaving that treasured place is hard. You have mixed feelings and looking after that everything is packed and each aspect is well taken care of doesn’t come easy. And that is accompanied by stress because no matter you’re moving nearby or miles ahead, you need everything organized so no item is found left behind upon reaching the new place.

SDMover is one of those few moving company who doesn’t really aim to move your items but it focuses on moving your beautiful memories because we truly understand what your house means to you. With a team of professionals, we assist you in every step of the process so you don’t feel stressed out but can in fact enjoy those last few hours in your home before leaving it.

We bring personalized attention to move every single thing you want because there’s an emotion attached to each item you’re moving. That means, we support you as your friends to pack, load, transport, unpack and organize everything for you so you can have the peace of mind.

Here’s how we assist you.

Upon receiving the request to book this service, we follow up for additional details if needed.

Our team visits your home to see the location and also to understand how to manage moving different items. The visit helps them figure out the equipment that’s needed so the move is managed through a personalized plan.

We arrive at your home on schedule, move the items to load them in the lorry and there we go for transporting it to your new destination.

But our partnership doesn’t end here. The team supports you in unpacking and organizing your home if you need a hand there.

Want a simple and stress-free experience when moving your home, call us today.