Lorry Rental Malaysia

Lorry Rental Services Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru

Whether you’re moving a house, office, factory or just a single item, you need a well-maintained lorry to move your belonging.

From heavy duty to fragile and anything in between, with our lorry rental service, you get the right vehicle no matter how many items you wanted move at any time you want.



Below are the essential aspects of renting a vehicle that you should bear in mind.

The Type and Size of the Lorry

One of the important elements of renting out a lorry is to decide its type and size in line with the items you want to move. You may need only a small lorry or a large one. Or you may need both sizes. Or you may need lorry without a tail or with tail and so on an so forth.  No matter what you require, we have the large fleet of the right vehicle to choose from.

Vehicle’s Rental Cost

The cost of renting a vehicle is the deciding factor to rent or not to rent the lorry. You obviously need affordable prices but a great service and that’s exactly we offer you when you choose to hire us.

Know that we will serve you with personalized attention at all times.

The Condition of the Lorry

You obviously don’t need a vehicle that is in a poor condition and carrying a big risk of damaging your items. Therefore, a mandatory step to get your items safely transported is to rent a lorry that is well maintained.  

Upon hiring our lorry rental service, you begin by having a good look at the lorries available for you. In doing so you can easily ensure the condition of the vehicles we provide to our treasured customers like you.

Lorry drivers

What do you need the most when looking to transport your items? An experienced and expert driver, obviously. That is key to a successful move. And when renting out a lorry, you need to ensure that you’re getting the best driver since the safety of your items is at stake.

We bring the most competent drivers who are expert at driving on any types of roads and highways no matter for how long you want to rent a lorry and how far is your final destination.

Number of trips

When you have a large number of items to be transported then you’d prefer to go ahead with the same rental company even if you have to take hundreds of rounds.

Tell your rental company the number of items you get moved and the assigned team leader will let you know the number of trips needed.

No matter how many trips you need, company name is available to assist you.  

Time period to Rent a Lorry

It’s essential to decide the duration to hire a lorry. You may need it for a day, a week or even a month or so. Therefore, when you share your requirements with the moving company, be clear about the time period to rent a lorry.

That said, we are available to rent you a lorry for both long-term and short-term.  

Call us today to book our lorry rental service.