International Movers Malaysia

International Movers Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru

If you consider moving a few blocks away from your current place then it isn’t wrong to say that moving to a new country is kind of a huge deal for you. Isn’t it? And in reality, this is what an international move feels like; stressful, frustrating and full of intricate, hard to manage details. The very thought of moving, though exciting still brings a heavy breeze of stress with itself. Your move shouldn’t look like that!



Why? Because SDMover is here to make it simple, stress-free and efficient for you. With our expert staff and specialized team members assigned to manage essential aspects of your move, we ensure you stay relaxed and all set to do nothing else but enjoy.  The account manager allocated to your project will carry out your move from the planning stage to closing everything in the most professional, reliable and organized manner.         

What’s included in this service?

Each item you want to move requires special care and must be transported accordingly. That’s why we offer a number of channels to move your belongings including:

  • Sea freight so you can easily move your bulk items
  • Air freight to facilitate your urgent moves
  • Road transport for items that can be safely and easily transported through road network

No matter what you want to move, we have the means to ensure the job gets done.

How do we support your move?

We begin with creating a detailed plan to ensure that all aspects of your move are handled seamlessly. That includes your passports and visa processing since these processes take ample time and need to be factored into the whole plan very tactfully.

We visit your site to examine it before we finalize our plan. That is followed by additional visits depending on the number of items you need to move. In doing so, we ensure each item is packed in time.

All this is carried out by the account manager assigned to your project. He remains available to answer all your questions and ensures you get the required support.

When you reach your destination, we also help unpack and organize your place.

Throughout the process, our network of global partners stay involved to make your move successful.

Call us today and let us serve you.